Eclipse checklist: 5 things to take with you for the solar eclipse

The 2017 total solar eclipse is fast approaching, and hordes of sky gazers are scrambling to find a spot where they can see the shadow of the moon completely obscure the sun for a few moments on Aug. 21.

There’s technically plenty of room for every American to pack into the narrow zone from Oregon to South Carolina where the total blackout will occur, shown on this eclipse map. But most of the country will be moored in a place where they will see only a partial eclipse, which occurs when the moon will...

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Alexan Vining’s Guide to Fantasy Football

Every year fans of fantasy football are looking for every edge they can find, or at least someplace they can read about fantasy and enjoy doing it. You’re looking for stats, helpful information and possibly...

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Alexan Vinings Top 10 Netflix Shows to Watch

Its a rainy Sunday afternoon and you are flipping through Netflix trying to figure out what to watch to keep you from going crazy. You have heard about all the different shows and movies Netflix has to offer but...

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Alexan Vinings Guide to Back to School: 10 Ways to Make it Less Painful

In this day and age, a lot of people wonder why we still even go to school or university when everything has become readily available to us at the click of a button. Need to know when man first landed on the moon?...

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gold mask of tragedy and comedy between a red theatre curtain

“So Much Drama!”: Alexan Vinings Guide to Atlanta Theatre Life

From Broadway musicals to local productions, the Atlanta’s theatre scene has a lot to offer. Experience award-winning musicals by Broadway in Atlanta at The Fox Theatre, see the unique, original, and hilarious...

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